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Thank you for visiting the 18Pomegranates website. 18Pomegranates was originally formed in the year 2009. 18Pomegranates mission was centered mostly in the area of local Jewish education in the city of Boulder, Colorado. It was its mission to house 3 initiatives of the Foundation: Chidush, Dare to Dream/Dare to Do, and the Seed Council.

Chidush has evolved into an annual event and in-service in the Boulder area that is facilitated and planned by the Boulder Educator Team. It is no longer an award for innovative educational lesson plans. If you are interested in accessing innovative lesson plans for your Jewish classroom, they can be found at the link below.

The Dare to Dream/Dare to Do initiatives were also important projects that have literally changed the shape of Boulder Jewry. Jewish Together - Boulder, is a collaborative effort of most of the local synagogue communities and the BJCC. For information on how a myriad of organizations are collaborating to help Boulder be the best that it can be, see the Jewish Together - Boulder website. Boulder Jewish Community Foundation and 18Pomegranates are now co-sponsors of this project.

The second cohort of 18Pomegranates Seed Council was completed a year ago and the decision has been made not to have a third party at this time.

18Pomegranates has ever accepted unsolicited grant proposals.

The Founder of 18Pomegranates has made a decision to sunset the Foundation in December of 2016. All present grants and multi-year commitments will be honored up to that date. If you need to get in touch with Francine Lavin Weaver, the founder and president of 18Pomegranates with a legitimate question, she can still be reached at francine@18pomegranates.org. We wish you lots of luck in your important endeavors.

NOTE: If you are interested in finding out more about Jewish Together - Boulder (JT Boulder), please click here.

If you are interested in searching our Chidush Website for an innovative lesson plan, please click here.